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The Frog Who Could Not Jump

This book is dedicated to my 6 year old Grandson. I want to give a message to young children that no matter what adversity they encounter there is always a way to solve it. Kimathi the little frog could not compete with the other frogs in his age group. He became sad and depressed until a large bullfrog tells him how to overcome his problem. By following the good advice of a friendly frog and relying on God, he surpasses the other frogs and becomes their leader. God brought forth the natural abilities to jump in Kimathi, just as God will bring out the gifts He’s given to those of His children. Follow Kimathi the frog, as he trains his mind and body to achieve excellence.


The story of Lumba, “The Eagle That Would Not Fly” is told through a series of unfortunate events that disrupt his life. He is first taught to fly by his mother along with his brothers and sisters. Their family unit is separated and displaced by nature’s fury. Lumba wakes up in a strange place and has to make adjustments to survive. He grows to love his new farm home and the companions that come with it. As time passes, Lumba is elevated to a position of power among the farm animals. It’s at this point that nature’s fury interrupts his life again and he finds himself separated from the farm and all the companions he had grown to love. Children ages 5 – 10 will enjoy Lumba’s world as he grows and meets his new challenges. The lesson Lumba teaches us is love those who are different from us, which is Gods challenge to all of us.

The Eagle That Would Not Fly
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