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Pages: 34

Dimensions: 8.5 x 11



My third book continues the story of Princess Kamala over time, as she becomes the story teller and griot for her village. Through the telling of stories the children and their parents learn important life lessons and the history of their village. As Princess Kamala tells the story of The Lost Boy she explores human emotions such as: frustration, depression, anger, disappointment andsharing, in an easy format for young people and children to understand. The story focuses on two sisters, Nia and Kia, who almost tear their family apart through blame and distrust. As blame is shifted, within the village, more themes are exposed to the reader such as, sibling rivalry, conflict and its resolution through forgiveness.  In the end it is the Gods’ divine hand that protects all the characters including the animals.

Princess Kamala and The Lost Boy

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